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Mapex Saturn Evolution 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Exotic Violet Burst

Mapex Saturn Evolution 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Exotic Violet Burst

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Mapex Saturn Evolution 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Exotic Violet Burst

At Drummers Paradise we have a great range of Mapex acoustic drum kits, available both instore and online through our webstore!

  • Shell Finish: Lacquer Exotic
  • Shell Hardware: Chrome
  • Shell Type: Maple & Walnut Hybrid

The revolutionary "Halo" mount, a lateral, unique "under lug-line" suspension system, unlocks the freedom of full resonance and allows the drum to sing with an open, pure tone. The Adjustment Knob acts as a built-in Equalizer that can slightly dampen the resonance of the shell, producing a tighter and quicker decay. Whether you like to go dry in a jazz gig, or sound huge in a packed arena, the Saturn Evolution has the whole package for you.


  • Halo Mounting System
  • Adjustment Knob
  • Maple/Walnut Hybrid Shell
  • Chamber Specific Design

Drum Sizes

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" Toms
  • 14" x 14" and 16" x 16" Floor Toms

Halo Mounting System

The revolutionary new “Halo” mount featured on all Saturn Evolution toms, unlocks the freedom of full resonance. Using a lateral, unique “under lug-line” suspension system, this new groundbreaking isolation mount allows the shell the freedom to have an open, pure tone. This is done with minimal stiffness usually associated with under hoop mounting systems.

Adjustment Knob

With the rubber gasket inside the mount, you can screw the knob down fully to dampen the shell resonance for a shorter decay, or back it off for a wide, open tone. In the studio, this allows you to "pre-EQ" your drums before feeding them into your plug-ins.

Maple/Walnut Hybrid Shell

The iconic Saturn Maple/Walnut hybrid shell has been inhered with Design Lab features and SoniClear Attenuation System to provide you a fuller, rounder tone with Bright, Versatile, Open sound.

Chamber Specific Design

Plies get progressively thicker, depths graduate by 1/2”, and bearing edges change as the drums get larger in diameter. The combination of all of these details creates an amazing symphony in one kit, where each and every drum sounds perfect!

Note: This is a 5 piece shell kit only. Cymbals, hardware, and snare drum are not included. Includes 2x Mapex single tom holders.

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