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Mapex Saturn Studioease Fast 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Satin White

Mapex Saturn Studioease Fast 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Satin White

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Mapex Saturn Studioease Fast 22" 5 Piece Shell Kit - Satin White

At Drummers Paradise we have a great range of Mapex acoustic drum kits, available both instore and online through our webstore!

  • Shell Finish: Lacquer
  • Shell Hardware: Chrome
  • Shell Type: Maple & Walnut Hybrid

The New Mapex Nodal Line Air Flow Venting Scheme gives Saturn a superior feel and just the right amount of resonance. Whether tuning up high for jazz and fusion or down deep for rock-n-roll, the unique Maple and Walnut shell composition, complete with SONIClear™ bearing edges, results in clear and focused toms and a bass drum that sounds bigger than it should.


  • Mapex Triple Flanged Power Hoops
  • Maple/Walnut Hybrid Shell
  • SAS Static 90 Degree Floor Tom Legs
  • SONIClear™ Tom Suspension

Drum Sizes

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 7" and 12" x 8" Toms
  • 14" x 12" and 16" x 14" Floor Toms

SONIClear™ Bearing Edge

The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge is standard on Saturn shells and allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. For the serious player, the increased head to edge contact increases shell vibration, allowing the sonic nuances of the Hybrid shell to stand out.

SONIClear™ Tom Holder

The SONIClear™ Tom Holder is the standard attachment mechanism for all Saturn rack toms. The lowmass bridge preserves vibration in the head and shell, enhancing resonance and increasing tonal clarity.

SONIClear™ Tom Suspension

Hate it when you see more of the mount than you do of the shell? Us too.
SONIClear™Tom Suspension increases overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell and heads. It doesn’t touch the tension rods, helping heads stay in tune and making them easy to change.

Air Flow Venting

Wanna feel "Out of Box" sound? Try these. The venting is key to the feel and the overall resonance of the shells. Through painstaking testing, each Chamber Specific approach has lead to a formula of multiple vent holes in Saturn series. Toms and bass drums have different combinations of vent holes. These air flow vents are placed at the *Nodal line with the lugs, so as to not affect the resonance of the shells.

SAS Static 90° Floor Tom Legs

Tired of floor tom sound loss during playing? Then this is for you. The straighter the path to the floor, the more sound loss: the static 90° Design Lab leg allowing the most possible resonance from the floor tom.

Sonic Pedestal Foot

Want the perfect feeling final touch on the Floor Tom Leg? Feel this. The steel leg is prevented from contacting the ground by an internal cotter pin, allowing the floor tom to “float” on the elevated “spring” of the rubber foot, eliminating vibration transfer and maximizing resonance.

Note: This is a 5 piece shell kit only. Cymbals, hardware, and snare drum are not included. Includes 2x Mapex single tom holders.

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