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Meinl Cymbals HCS Expanded Cymbal Pack

Meinl Cymbals HCS Expanded Cymbal Pack

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Meinl Cymbals HCS Expanded Cymbal Pack

At Drummers Paradise we have a great range of Meinl cymbal packs, available both instore and online through our webstore!

These brass alloy models look and sound great, and let you get into playing MEINL at very realistic prices. We specialize in crafting cymbals from many types of metal, which is why you can play all types of pop or rock with HCS and your sound will be warm. We believe every drummer should play cymbals they feel good about.

  • MS63 Alloy
  • Unbeatable Value
  • Made in Germany


  • 14" Meinl HCS Hihats
  • 16" Meinl HCS Trash Crash
  • 18" Meinl HCS Crash
  • 20" Meinl HCS Ride

The HCS Expanded cymbal set features a pair of 14” hihats, a 16” crash, an 18” crash, and a 20” ride from the HCS series, made from MS63 alloy. These cymbals are made to the highest standards and come with a 2-year warranty. This set provides the main cymbal elements used for a drum set configuration, but with the addition of a second crash cymbal as seen on many professional setups, at an affordable price.

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