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Pearl Free Floating 14" x 6.5" Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum

Pearl Free Floating 14" x 6.5" Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum

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Pearl Free Floating 14" x 6.5" Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum

At Drummers Paradise we have a great range of Pearl snare drums, available both instore and online through our webstore!

  • Size: 14" x 6.5"
  • Shell Type: 1.2mm Bronze

Just as each player has an individual voice, shell materials -particularly on snare drums- react differently to the drummer's unique approach. This is why Pearl's Free Floating snares have been custom-tailored to fit a specific task by model. Pearl's revolutionary die-cast Free Floating chassis allows each shell to speak with a voice that is uninhibited by shell hardware, for true tonal purity. Individually chosen by size, shell type, and application, each drum is true to the Free Floating concept, and gives the player an unrestrained voice within the tonal spectrum. Crisp and tonally animated with melodic versatility, the Phosphor Bronze shell has a uniquely powerful sound that rings with lower overtone body and crisp sensitive snap.


  • Mastercast Die-cast Hoops
  • SR-160F Snare Throw Off
  • Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

1.2mm Phosphor Bronze Shell

Crisp and uninhibited, its uncommon punch sustains with lower overtone body and crisp sensitivity.

Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops

For superior strength, rigid tuning stability, and added volume and attack.

Click-Lock Strainer

The revolutionary SR-160F features an inner "C"-shaped nylon clip that attaches the throw off arm to the tension dial, preventing the lever from disengaging and the tension dial from loosening, even when the tension is very low.

Free-Floating Chassis

Pearl's revolutionary snare system suspends the shell in a die-cast chassis with only the batter head contacting the edge; allowing uninhibited tonal body, resonance, and volume.

Task-Specific Sound and Performance

One of eight Task-Specific snare models, each one offers a unique voice engineered to fit a specific task by size and shell density for any sonic situation.

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